Repulse Bay Branch

Incorporating creativity to STEM Education,

with a little help from LEGO® and SLIME.


BBC Micro:bit Course

Programming with Block Language (Aged 6-12)

Computational thinking, Programming | MakeCode | 6-12 yrs | 1 hour


5 lessons aimed at kids aged 6-12 years. Kids explore data and the built-in sensors on the BBC micro:bit through a variety of unplugged and programming activities.

  • Lesson 1: LED display and Lighting Control

  • Lesson 2: Gyroscope Accelerator and Motion Detection

  • Lesson 3: Temperature Sensing and how can we present it

  • Lesson 4: Light Dependent Resistor on Smart Lighting Design

  • Lesson 5: E-Compass on Direction Classification


Software Coding X Electronic Circuit (Aged 8-12)

Computational thinking, Programming, Sciences, Electronics | MakeCode | TinkerCAD | 1 hour


5 lessons aimed at kids aged 8-12 years. Kids develop their understanding of flowchart

algorithms, variables, selection, inputs and outputs by programming the BBC micro:bit to make sensor detection and electronic circuit design.

  • Lesson 6: Basic Electronic with Micro:bit pinin and pinout

  • Lesson 7: Voice detection and data analysis

  • Lesson 8: Electronic piano and Musical composition

  • Lesson 9: Wireless Communication with a radio channel

  • Lesson 10: Bluetooth signal transmission​​



LEGO® Courses

STEM Park (Aged 3-4)

This course is designed for younger children and acts as an introductory course to robotics and mechanics.

Aims of this course:

  • Learn the shape and colors of bricks

  • Follow instructions of tutors

  • Understand the functions of bricks with different shapes


Our tutors will closely monitor the progress of students and encourage them throughout the progress.

All LEGO courses $495 @60 mins  (Soft-Opening Discount)

stem 2
stem 2

stem 5
stem 5


Little Engineer (Aged 5-6)

This course is designed for more mature children and acts as an intermediate course to more complex mechanics and robotics.  Students of this course should have sufficient knowledge regarding the workings of a machine and logical thinking skills.

Aims of this course:

  • Strengthen model-building skills

  • Design your own models with LEGO materials

  • Learn how to use wedo 2.0 software

  • Develop creativity to solve problems 


Our tutors will guide the students throughout the design of the robot and enrich their knowledge of building a working model.

All LEGO courses $495 @60 mins  (Soft-Opening Discount)


Robotic Engineer (Aged 7-8)

As our students develop more advanced assembling and mechanical skills, they can apply for this course to further consolidate their knowledge.  Applicants for this course should be confident to design their own models and identifying the various uses of mechanical parts, such as motors and sensors.

Aims of this course:

  • Learn the programming language for SPIKE™ Prime and EV3

  • Consolidate building skills through designing more robots

  • Learn the usage of MINDSTORMS® EV3 Hub and EV3 servo motors

  • Participate in a robot race with classmates to enhance programming skills


Through this course, our tutors will let the students build their models more independently and give advice when needed.

All LEGO courses $495 @60 mins  (Soft-Opening Discount)


Robot Master (Aged 9+)

This is the final course of our STEM program.  In this course, students should already have a solid foundation in programming and robotics skills.  Participants of this course should be confident to design their own robot under given requirements. 

Aims of this course:

  • Polish the programming language for Spike Prime and EV3

  • Construct complex models with EV3 Hub, Motors and sensors

  • Solve problems using personally designed robots

  • Participate in internal and external competitions


During this course, our tutors will allow students to build their own robots completely on their own and prepare them for robotics competitions, in which they will have to control and balance their robots.

All LEGO courses $495 @60 mins  (Soft-Opening Discount)


Slime DIY

Get your SLIME Basic Ingredients (including glue, food coloring, glycerin, fragrance, contact lenses solution, shower gel and baking soda) right after paying at the cashier.

You can select your own SLIME charms from more than 100 choices whenever you need.

iPad live tutorial will be provided.

Suitable for all

Even if you are inexperienced with SLIME, you can buy pre-made SLIME and have fun together with your friends.

*Safety is our foremost priority, so our SLIME products are completely safe.  They will not harm your skin and are not poisonous.  Most importantly, absolutely no borax is used.

SLIME Birthday Party

For the SLIME Birthday Party, we will provide you the venue and help you order the food if needed (extra cost required).  You can bring your own food as well.  Upon request, we can provide an iPad for live streaming.