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Meet the Founders

Victoria Chan

Aged 12


Chantelle Chan

Aged 9


Victoria and Chantelle are two young entrepreneurs striving to share their passion with similar-aged friends. With creative and intelligent minds, they founded the EAV Education House in 2020. They are the interior designers and product sourcing representatives behind EAV. They demonstrated excellent business mindsets through EAV Education House, where they aimed to realize the mission to enrich other children's childhood with joyful experiences of learning STEM and other fun activities.

In addition, the two sisters deeply understand the importance of generosity and corporate social responsibility. Under the supervision of the founders, part of EAV's profits will be donated to charities.  EAV will also arrange special classes so that less advantaged children, such as those from grass-roots families, low-income families or are disabled, can have the opportunity to participate in these activities.  

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