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About Us

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge."
— Albert Einstein

Mission & Vision

STEM and language arts education is vital to the new generation.  EAV Education House has got your back.


We have specifically designed this brand new course, combined with the toolkits created by LEGO® Education.  We are confident that we can help children develop a passion for science and languages while enriching their knowledge.

As Hong Kong's largest SLIME/STEM activity and learning center, EAV Education House (STEM) understands that education should be interactive.  This is why our course directors have merged the "4C" framework together with STEM knowledge, as well as adopted a small group teaching strategy.  Through games and trial-and-error, not only can our students find satisfaction upon finishing the models, under our teachers' guidance, they will also gain the opportunity to explore their surroundings and understand the principles behind everyday life.

Other than Science, language and performing abilities are important as well.  So, our Wong Chuk Hang branch will teach children how to present themselves in front of an audience with confidence.

Our Courses


STEM Course

We integrate LEGO® Education to STEM education to cater to the needs of children aged 3-11 years old and help them learn STEM in a fun and interactive way.

Our courses will be taught by professionals, who will guide the students throughout our specially designed STEM course.

SLIME Birthday Party

We also provide birthday party planning services, including venue and food.  In addition, we sell DIY SLIME products and our birthday party will provide SLIME materials for children to have extra DIY fun!

SLIME is a squishy toy product that has been known to relieve people's stress.  With its calming and focusing properties, it serves as a great way for children to spend their time.


dancing in purple pants

K-pop Dance

Taught by professional dancers, students can learn the dance to famous K-pop songs.  Our classes are beginner-friendly and held in small groups, so students without prior experience can easily follow and need not worry about feeling embarrassed. 


In addition, students have the opportunity to participate in competitions to build up stage confidence.


English Phonics

As the saying goes, "Practice makes perfect."  By learning English phonics with our proficient teachers, students can accelerate their learning curve and find themselves fluent in this international language in no time.


English Drama

We provide small drama classes for students to ensure that they gain personalized feedback from our capable tutors.

These theatrical skills can be applied almost everywhere.  With increased onstage practice, children can gain more confidence and become a seasoned actor.


Endorsed by Kathy Chow, a well-known Hong Kong model, we focus on modelling and provide catwalk experiences.  

All students will be able to perform twice a year, both locally and internationally.

Yoga Pose


The practice of Yoga dates back to thousands of years ago, and is known to be beneficial for health and concentration.

Our Yoga course will be instructed by professionals to help you build a stronger body.


Flower Arrangment

By learning how to arrange flowers, you can train your artistic sense and find your peace of mind.

Our course provides all the flowers and tools you need.  You can also take your work with you and decorate your home with these beautiful flowers.

Meditation in Forest


Meditation can help you concentrate and even improve your memory.  Our instructors will guide you through the process and help you and your children to find serenity in this hectic life.

Still Life with a Guitar


Spanish is the world's fourth most-spoken language.  Our teachers will focus on different areas of this language, including speaking, listening, writing and culture.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin is a very common language and we shall help you in your journey to master this complex language.

We offer GAPSK (Mandarin Proficiency Test) training for Primary and Kindergarten students. We also have regular Kindergarten Mandarin Chinese class, Mandarin Chinese Pinyin Class, Speech Festival Class, Chinese Studies Class and Adult Mandarin Chinese Class.  

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